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WeatherVision Data™

A WeatherVision camera network with WeatherVision Data is the best way to integrate real-time weather information from around the viewing area into each forecast. Weather sensors seamlessly work together with each WeatherVision camera to enhance the viewer experience and solidify your reputation as the local weather leader.

WTVF Network Map

Each weather sensor accurately measures a variety of current weather conditions from wind speed, temperature, humidity and much more. WeatherVision data sensors are no bigger than a coffee can and with no moving parts they are one of the most reliable sensors available.

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WVPro PTZ™ Camera System

  • WDBD-Jaskson, MS
  • WTVR-Richmond, VA
  • KMIZ-Columbia, MO
  • WSFA-Montgomery, AL
  • KTHV-Little Rock, AR
  • KVBC - Las Vegas, NV
  • WTVD-Durham, NC
  • WTVF-Nashville, TN
  • WTVR-Richmond, VA
  • KMIZ-Jefferson City, MO