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WTVF - Connecting Communities with Cameras

NewsChannel 5 Network, WTVF, is a CBS-affiliated television station in Nashville, Tennessee, DMA #29. Owned by Journal Communications, the station was the first in the market to broadcast in high definition. In 2005, WTVF installed the first cameras and WeatherVisionTM systems branded as Skynet.

Broadcast Objective:

WTVF wanted a method to monitor and broadcast live weather images and data from surrounding cities in the Nashville television market.
• The end-to-end solution needed to feature high-quality, affordable, cameras and weather sensors requiring few resources for operation.
• Needed to identify camera locations that would be identifiable and visually appealing to the viewers within each community.

Project Initiative:

• Weather Metrics’ WeatherVision digital cameras and weather sensors were selected for the affordability, quality and the ability to send video over existing internet connections.
• Cities for the cameras were chosen based on size and location within the Nashville television market, up to an hour or more outside of the city, and to increase station viewership.
• Network began as 10 sites with cameras placed in high-profile, easily recognizable locales in each city.
• Incorporated WeatherVision images and weather data into station website as additional standalone weather product that generates web traffic.

Immediate Rewards:

• Weather Metrics’ WeatherVision digital cameras and weather sensors offered a unique weather product to viewers in the Nashville television market.
• Cameras and weather sensors are important tools during severe weather, providing real-time coverage of approaching weather systems.
• The WeatherVision sites have proved to be so popular that additional cities within the market have requested to be a part of the network.
• The web integration of cameras and weather stations adds to site traffic with local and up-to-the-minute images and weather data.